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Diabetes Education Program


WellFort is pleased to launch a 10 day campaign for CHANGE DAY 2017

March is Nutrition Month: Take a 100 Meal Journey

Every year nutrition month brings specific campaign which motivated us to make some changes for improved health, especially healthy eating. This year the public campaign from the Dietitians of Canada for Nutrition month is dedicated to making a small change and making it stick! The slogan for the campaign is Take a 100 meal journey. Make small changes one meal at a time. The goal is to…

Cutting Down on Portion Sizes for Weight Management

Portion Sizes

Portion sizes have ballooned over the past few years.  Enjoying all types of foods in moderate portions seems to be the echoing message to shed some pounds.

For tips and ideas and if you are living with diabetes,…

“Act Today to Change Tomorrow.” This was the theme for Diabetes Month

Another November has passed and like every Diabetes Month, The Diabetes Education Program (DEP) was busy hosting a series of events to raise awareness about Diabetes Prevention and to support clients living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes.

The DEP started the month off well at the Four Corners Health Centre in  Malton  with an event hosted at Seva Food Bank…

Inter-Professional Collaboration and Diabetes Outreach Clinics: Optimizing Health?

As healthcare professionals, we all know that diabetes is on the rise. Peel Region in particular has amongst the highest rates in the province. However, our team realised that the number of clients coming to our Diabetes program wasn’t reflective of the statistics from reports and literature. What could our team do to address the barriers to provide holistic, individualized care using a self management…

Diabetes Facts

Diabetes affects how the body uses glucose (sugar). Glucose is the body’s main source of energy.  When food is eaten the body uses glucose (sugar) from fruits, grains, starches, milk products, and sweets. After digestion the glucose will enter the blood stream.  Insulin is a hormone that is released when blood sugar starts to rise.   Insulin’s job is to move the extra blood sugar to the body cells…

Did you know that diabetes could affect your sex life?

It is estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will suffer from sexual dysfunction as a result of diabetes. Sexual dysfunction includes both mental and physical changes.  Frequently, sexual dysfunction is not diagnosed or treated.

Diabetes has an effect on the body’s ability to use sugar properly. High blood sugars; caused by uncontrolled diabetes, may lead to harmful effects to small…