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Diabetes Education Program

“Act Today to Change Tomorrow.” This was the theme for Diabetes Month

Another November has passed and like every Diabetes Month, The Diabetes Education Program (DEP) was busy hosting a series of events to raise awareness about Diabetes Prevention and to support clients living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes.

The DEP started the month off well at the Four Corners Health Centre in  Malton  with an event hosted at Seva Food Bank on November 9th. At this event, the DEP team performed blood sugar testing and delivered a workshop on Healthy Eating with Diabetes.  For November 14th, World Diabetes Day we celebrated with clients and community at a partnering doctor’s office, the event was hosted on Nov. 21st. On November 20th, at the Centre of Education and Training in Malton, the Dietitian from DEP facilitated a presentation on Healthy Eating with Diabetes.

A good time was had by all at the Diabetes Month Celebration event on November 2015. The DEP Team, in keeping with the focus on healthy eating and decreasing weight, offered clients a well-balanced, highly delectable meal which was both heart healthy and diabetes friendly.  Lack of activity is another risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes, so clients enjoyed participating in the Bollywood dancing facilitated by a certified instructor. Activity also helps manage diabetes.  Our community partner Dr. Harpreet Bajaj answered all the clients’ questions related to diabetes management, and prevention.

The November Diabetes Month is a yearly opportunity to highlight where we have come from and where we are going on the long journey to prevent diabetes and reduce the impact of complications arising from the disease.  The theme of “acting today to change tomorrow” is supported by our past accomplishments and out vigorous plans for the future.

In the past year we have seen a rising receptivity by populations at risk to engage in better self-management of their diabetes, including wrestling with the most sensitive parts of their lifestyles and very often, cultural history.   Healthy eating and weight management can be very imposing, especially for the older adult, but the DEP Team makes the learning fun.  They also respect the client’s journey with their diabetes, engaging clients to both learn from and inform the learning process that can lead to personal change.

Community partners in the past year are increasingly engaged in supporting mutual clients.  It takes a community to do diabetes education.  Central to these partnerships are the growing numbers of family physicians who offer access to their patients and support collaboration with the DEP team.

Looking ahead to 2016, the DEP will not rest on its laurels.  Spurred on by WellFort’s vision of a healthier community where EVERYONE belongs, the DEP will continue to seek out new opportunities to provide education to individuals and groups that have been missed so far.  Change means not only change in behavior of individual clients with diabetes.   It also means change in the system to be more creative, more impactful and more collaborative.  DEP will offer all the leadership it can muster to realize that change!

For Tips and Ideas on managing diabetes, please contact:

Brampton: Bramalea Community Health Center  Tel: 905- 451- 6959
Malton: Four Corners Health Center  Tel: 905.677.9599
Or visit:

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