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WellFort is pleased to launch a 10 day campaign for CHANGE DAY 2017

Change Day is Friday, November 17th 2017 and is a day for health care providers to drive change, big or small, that will have a positive impact in patient’s care.

All WellFort staff, from health care providers to health promoters, managers and administrators are encouraged to make a pledge. The commitments combined will help us bridge the gap between the care we provide and the care that we have the potential to give.



WellFort Community Health Services first championed Change Day in 2014 and showcased the value of committing to changes in day to day practice. As a Community Health Centre we recognize our duty to provide quality, open focused care, with an organizational commitment to quality improvement.

WellFort’s goal is to reach 100% participation of staff in Change Day 2017. During the next 10 days watch for videos and pledges with our commitments to change on our Twitter and Facebook under #IPLEDGEWELL.

Happy Change Day 2017!

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