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Diabetes Education Program

Group Education

Group teaching provides a great, fun, and interactive way to learn about Diabetes. These sessions also give you the opportunity to meet other people living with Diabetes.

Registration is required for group education. Please contact us at 905.451.6959 to save your spot.

Group sessions available:

  • What is Diabetes?
    • In this group you will learn an overview about Diabetes, how to control blood sugars, complications and day to day management.

  • Conversation map:
    • In a small group format you will learn through shared experiences about various Diabetes topics. The sessions are run by a Nurse or Dietitian in a fun, and interactive way.

  • Starting Insulin
  • Complications of Diabetes
  • Testing Blood Sugar
    • In this group you will learn how to test your blood sugars and to understand what the numbers mean.
    • You will learn the relationship between food, medication, insulin, and exercise on blood sugars.

  • Reading Food Labels
    • This group session will teach you how to read and understand food labels. By understanding food labels you will be better able to make healthier food choices.

  • Healthy Eating/Cooking Demonstrations
    • Learn how the amount, type, and timing of food can impact blood sugars.
    • Receive cooking tips, and recipes to make your eating heart healthy Diabetes friendly.
    • The Dietitians provide culturally appropriate food teaching.
    • Click the link to see some of the recipes available.
    • Grocery Store Tours

  • Cholesterol
    • In this group session learn what cholesterol is and how it affects your health.

  • Activity and Diabetes
    • Manage blood sugars while having fun. Learn Zumba, Bollywood Dance, or Yoga taught by certified instructors.

 Check our Diabetes Calendar for upcoming events.